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New Mexico Tea Company Inc.
NM Tea Co. logo
Type: Private
Slogan: "Fine Tea From Around The World"
Founded: November, 2006
Location: Albuquerque, NM 87102
# of Employees: 5
# of Stores: 1
Industry: Tea Stores
Retail Tea
Products: Loose-Leaf Tea
Tea-Related Products

New Mexico Tea Company (NM Tea Co.) is a specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Tea Store

New Mexico Tea Company opened on November 1, 2006 as a collaboration between David Edwards and Dianne Edwards. The original vision was to sell quality loose-leaf tea and incense to the residents of Albuquerque and online to the whole world. At the start they sold pre packaged high quality tea from brands such as Harney & Sons, Octavia, and Two leaves and a bud. But after about 6 months customers began to express a desire to buy bulk tea by the ounce.

NM Tea Co. started with just a few pounds of Assam black tea in the summer of 2007 and began to develop its own brand. Customers preferred to buy tea by the ounce, and over the next year bulk tea took over the store, eventually growing to a selection of about 150 teas. This collection is made of of teas and herbs from a variety of sources. Some teas are blended in house, some are imported directly, and some be purchase from other tea blenders

In January 2010 David and Dianne decided the best way to insure the longevity of NM Tea Co. was to form a corporation, thus creating "New Mexico Tea Company, Inc". .

Tea Bar

Over the first few years many customers expressed an interest in NM Tea Co. serving tea. In the summer of 2009 the New Mexico Tea Bar was opened on the back patio of the store. This small three table tea bar was popular and as winter set in it became apparent that we would need to move inside. The retail space next to the store became available and was rented for the Tea Bar to expand into.


Tea types

NM Tea Co. sells about 150 verities of White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong, Black Tea, Pu-erh tea, Rooibos, Mate, Pure Herbs, and other Herbal Blends. Everything is sold by the ounce, and there are quantity discounts based on how much is bought of a particular tea.

Tea products

There are many products designed to steep tea leaves in water. NM Tea Co. has a full range of teapots and infusers along with many other items related to tea.


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